Wednesday, May 31, 2006


3 years ago, at about this time, the large wooden doors were held open and the bride glided in to a single voice singing Song for a Winters' Night by Sarah Mclachlan. The groom waited with an anxious but goofy smile at the alter. The congregation was hushed. It was the moment they had all been waiting for.

The ceremony was simple, meaningful and reverrent. The reading was 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 The congregation waited as the couple said their first prayer together as man and wife.


Then, they stood, they turned, they smiled and they walked out.

That was the end of the wedding.

That was also the beginning of their marriage.

It's 3 years on. They're a little wiser, a little less carefree, a little more joyful, a little less merry but a little more in love.

Tis true what they say about marriage.

Marriage has in it less beauty, but more of safety, than the single life; it hath not more ease, but less danger; it is more merry and more sad; it is fuller of sorrows and fuller of joys; it lies under more burdens, but is supported by all the strengths of love and charity; And those burdens are delightful.
- Jeremy Taylor

Happy 3rd year, my Love.

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 10:30

4 thoughts...

4 thoughts...

At 10:40 am Blogger Olie said...

Happy anniversary!!! :) And many more good years to come!

At 1:17 pm Blogger spook said...

Dearest Ondine and Packrat,

Your life together is beautiful
Full of colours of the rainbow
Bowing to the after and before
Forever in love that is only yours.

God bless!

At 9:48 pm Blogger Cake said...

I can't believe the coincidence!

My parents got married 25 years ago on this day too!!

Congrats to you!

May you be like my parents!!

They are still happily married till now!! =]

At 5:46 pm Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Happy anniversary!


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