Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What causes a headache

At first I thought it was the drugs that were causing me to read what I thought I was reading.

In Singapore, it is criminal to kill animals because they have rights. And if we kill them, we will have lesser food. (!) Moreover, stray animals are put to death to prevent them from spreading disease and germs. If this is disallowed, more people wlll get sick. In addition, humans will then have to pay for animals, for their labour employed, which is kind of ironic. Because, can animals receive payment? No. Furthermore, animals get to share the welfare human enjoy which leads to the wastage of resources on them.

Then I thought it was the drugs that were preventing me from understanding it. Then I realised, it was the drugs that were preventing me from having an aneurysm because this is a kid who is 4 months away from a major exam. Even if I tutored him every day from now till then, I'm not sure if I could explain to him what was wrong.

I don't even know where to begin correcting this. And this is now, when the drugs are wearing off. But in the place of the haze, the mother of all headaches that threatens to grow even more when I try to take apart this argument. I think I'll just put a very big "HUH?" at the end of the paragraph.

How to not throw a fit?
Need more drugs.

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