Tuesday, May 30, 2006

For a good time dial 1900...

I needed to make dinner reservations for tomorrow night. I didn't imagine it to be a difficult thing to do. But I was discounting the fact that I had a blocked nose and an extremely husky voice. So it was a trying affair.

Me: Hi, Could dye make reservations for tomorrow nigdt please?
Operator: Sure. What time.
Me: Seven-dirty.
Operator: Sorry?
Me: Seven -dirty, never mind. Halfed past seven.
Operator: Oh, seven thirty. Can I have a name please?
Me: Tan- D. A. N.
Operator: Mr Dan?
Me: No, Tan. D for Dango.
Operator: Oh, ok. Sorry, not clear lah. What's your phone number?
Me: Dine. Seben. Siss....
Operator (interjecting): Sorry, could you say that again?
Me: Neber mind....
Operator (eternally patient): You say slowly.

It took 5 minutes for her to get my reservation and my details correct. At that point, I figured, want to be 1900 phone sex operator also cannot. The poor sod would have no idea what I'm talking about so my low husky voice wouldn't be of much help. And he'd be paying for nothing but himself going "har??? what???" Perhaps a good way to turn people off having phone sex. Hahaha...

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1 thoughts...

At 10:20 pm Blogger cour marly said...

Heh... very unsexy. Get well soon lah.


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