Monday, May 29, 2006

Sick Days

I'm generally an active person, meaning that I could never sit still. I get bored easily and I have an attention span the length of a gnat's. So, when I voluntarily stay at home the whole day without even venturing out of my room, that's really something.

That's me today. The Full Body Breakdown was complete. Walking to the doctor's across the road took half an hour because air on skin hurt. Big time. Every step I took, it felt like I walked into a wall of pins. There wasn't much point whining because Packrat's serving the nation for the next two weeks so there really isn't anyone to whine to.

I know some people who hate medication and I loathe what antibiotics do to me but today, I was really grateful for the stuff that cleared up my nose, stopped my throat from itching and removed the pain from my hips, my back, my ribs, my fingers and my toes. But still, I couldn't sleep. Like last night and the night before, sleep was haunted by strange dreams- perhaps that's a side effect of all the drugs that I was given.

Whatever it is, it sucks to be this sick and on some level, I'm pissed off that I've subconsciously put off being sick for so long that this feels like a ton of bricks just dropped on me. I need a job and possibly a personality makeover that will allow me to be sick as and when I want. Then, when I do get sick, I won't be so totally floored and flat out like now.

Damn the Confucian/Protestant work ethic that's got me still working despite everything! Ah, to take more Panadols now, the aches have returned- a true sign that the meds are wearing off and I like being totally and utterly sedated.

It takes me to my Happy Bubble place.

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