Sunday, May 28, 2006

Haha Crabs

We don't really have pets in our house. Unlike Tym who has been somewhat domesticated by Ink the Cat, we're still resisting.


We had Molly the dog for a bit but we felt extremely guilty when we were out late and she was stuck living in our bathroom. To show her displeasure, she'd chewed through the toilet and shower hose. We still have some of her stuff lying around, but I don't think it would be fair to her if we took her back, especially now that she's a mommy dog.

So imagine our trepidation when we were asked to babysit some hermit crabs for 2 weeks. I was promised that they would be hardy little creatures that can live up to 15 years and all they needed was some food and water everyday. They live in a little tank and they're vegetarian and they're called Haha crabs and they even have their own website. I had no idea how effective using cartoon crabs were as a ploy to get people attracted, until I looked at the website and decided they were the cutest things in the world.

Of course, it helps that they come in their very own tank with extra shells to play with and a fake oasis and plastic coconut tree.


And they're quite acrobatic as well. If you look very carefully, there's one perched on top of the plastic coconut tree.


Not the clearest of pictures and even more proof that I need a mega pixel camera, but you get the idea.

They scurry around a lot but they hide when you come close, kind of like snails. Apparently, they also need a bath now and again, but I think I'll save that for the real owners. My responsibility ends at changing their water and food everyday.

Nah, no pets for us even though we have a cat door into our bedroom.

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1 thoughts...

At 11:02 am Blogger threez said...

Okay, the flower one is called "Crabby" (after the girl that named it) and the ladybug is called "Perchy". And Mr Natural, I think I shall call him "Rover", in honour of a former dog.

Thanks for looking after them. You're having more fun than you'd like to admit.


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