Sunday, June 19, 2005

Molly's Big Day Out

Molly in car
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We decided half way through this afternoon to take Molly to the beach with us. I was going to run and Dan was either going to walk with her or cycle. At that point, we weren't quite sure how we were going to pull off cycling or running with her. After all, Molly is still a baby and has short legs.

We had suspected sometime back that Molly was a people dog and today, at the beach, it was definite that she loved people around her. She was almost vibrating on the spot by the sheer sight of all around her. Of course, us humans around her stared with disdain at all the humdrum that was the beach. Far too many people for the humans, but Molly the dog was thrilled.

Dan's problem with what to do with Molly was solved when the bike rental place rented out bikes with a basket in front. Of course, it was meant for things like bags and bottles of drinks, but Molly was small enough to fit in fine. According to Dan, she alternated between sticking her head out of the basket and watching the world go by rapidly and burrowing deep into the basket as if confused by the fact that she was heading one direction and everything around her was going in the opposite one.

Her day didn't end there though. We were off to a barbeque where we suspected she would be overwhelmed by the little children. So we parked her at Plentyfish's home. Plentyfish used to have dogs and his mom loves dogs, so we knew she was in safe and good hands.

By the time we came back to get her, we were told that our shy, timid Molly who is fearful of plastic bags, wind, newspaper and sudden movements had decided that she had been sufficiently emboldened by the world to take on a rottweiler. Yes, according to Plentyfish, Molly growled at the rottweiler, not knowing that she was probably nothing more than a bite-sized snack in the eyes of the rotty. She had also taken to trying to stare down the cats in the house, fully unaware that these felines were larger than her and possessed the ability to swipe the carefully sharpened claws at her delicate nose.

But all in all, no harm was done to her and she seemed exhausted by the day's adventure, asleep on my lap all the way home. Of course, I fell asleep too. There's nothing more calming or soothing than a warm fuzzy ball of Molly breathing deeply on your lap. Well, maybe a cat but then hearing Dan's sneezing fits in my half dozed state doesn't quite add up to peaceful, lulled slumber.

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1 thoughts...

At 1:31 pm Blogger threez said...

"Know thy enemy."

Molly can take on a rottweiler because she knows what he is, how he will react and where to bite.
Wind, plastic bags et al are "unpredictable".

Should have brought Molly last night. Millie the dog was also around and they could have had a fraternal twin get-together.

So, steamboat later?


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