Friday, May 26, 2006

Sleep typing

When I'm grading papers and I doze off involuntarily, I either scrawl on the page that I was looking at or write ridiculous things that don't make sense. I'm tempted to try and allow my subconscience to write. It then sounds like a stream of consciousness type of thing where all the semantic, lexical, logical filters, dams and gantries in my head are lifted, allowing all the rubbish to flow through.

Being sleep deprived is not an enjoyable state to be in. I've been up for about 20 hours and need to crawl into bed soon but it is the semester break and I would be quite a loser if I just went to bed now. But so is a stream of consciousness post.

It wll be words randomly put together, making sentences that make no sense like the green ideas that dream in a colourless world about teddy bears and level heads and portfolios. No doubt the hair is looking good but the chickens come home to roost with the mountains singing over the hills. Where jelly babies bounce around and cheesecakes are grown on trees dripping with rainbow trout and fairy lights. The mobile phone beeps and it wakes the rake that is left on the ground for all to step on with great loud sounds. The Lana cake was wonderful but the purple ribbon was missing. Class funds are bad to collect and papers to be printed one after a thousand. Dogs that scramble past can always visit for sure, water leaking and dripping all over your clothes with Nike and Reebok cleaning up the ocean.

Go figure.
Bed time.

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