Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pretty In Pink

Pink is one of my favourite colours right now. I have many pink tops, I have a pair of pink slippers, I have some pink bags and I have many different types of pink make up (of course, make up more often than not comes in shades of pink, orange and browns- it would be weird to see blue blusher!).

I draw the line at pink cars and pink hair.

Yesterday, I overdosed on pink. My 5 year old niece had her birthday party and it was a Princess Party. Dress code: Tiara and pink party dress. I wore a pink t shirt sans tiara sans frills.

When we walked into the house, we were visually assaulted by 12 girls running around in pink in a sea of white tulle and pink balloons. My mother, with one stiff shoulder, could still decorate the house to look like a giant pink marshmallow. Balloons in all the different shades of pink, red and white.

That wasn't all. The food, was pink too. Pink giant Pocky sticks, strawberries, candy, all pink. Swirly swirly all the pink flurry. They played games like Pin the tiara which was an improvised version of Pin the Donkey. Then while waiting for the pink Barbie cake to thaw (ice cream cakes are a pain to slice), the little princesses decided to rough it out and play a game of air hockey. Most bizarre.

Pink 2 Pink

If you look very closely at the photographs, you will notice that the bowls and cutlery were pink too.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the most masculine of parties and the men felt left out. My brother and some of the dads were talking about this game called Top Trumps they played when they were young. I tried to google it but I couldn't find the fighter jet version that they were talking about. It's been upgraded though- Air Force One is part of the pack now. My other brother started reading car magazines and Packrat was going on about how he felt like he was in a giant marshmallow. My nephew, stoutly refused to be dressed in pink, was the Jedi amongst all the princesses. Unfortunately, the novelty of that wore off very quickly and he soon retreated cloak and all, into his bedroom to play solitaire on my brother's PDA/phone.
Bored jedi

When asked whether they were too many girls out there for him, he nodded bashfully and hid behind the cupboard door. Fancy that, a Jedi, afraid of girls in pink. He did however, allow us to take some awesome shots of his Vadar mask.

Bruce vader

Quite ominous if George Lucas had seen this before he wrote Episode Three. Young Jedi driven to the dark side to hide from screaming girls brandishing Barbie dolls and using his light saber to savagely attack the unicorn pinata.

His revenge, which I did not get a picture of, was to impale the said unicorn with his light saber and brandish it in at the pseudo-traumatised, sugar buzzed girls, who ran away screaming at the morbid sight of the dead paper unicorn. He also hatched the evil plan of causing the birthday girl to bawl because he starting stabbing at the balloons and popping them all. With every scream of hers, he popped even more balloons with macabre delight!

Ah, big brothers, the power they have over their little sisters, especially when one is a Jedi and the other a Princess, despite the fact that she had a pink felt throne. His force was the stronger of the two.

Whatever it is, I'm all pinked out. I told Packrat, our children will have their birthday parties at McDonalds. Because once you have a Princess party or a Star Wars party, there's no turning back and it's difficult to up every subsequent year.

On another note, no pinatas either. Hey, if you want to figure out the root of animal abuse, it's right there. First you hit the pinata senseless with a stick and then when it doesn't break apart, you pull and tug at it till it spills its insides out. Sweets and chocolates regardless, it's still cruel.

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1 thoughts...

At 12:53 am Blogger cour marly said...

Oy. Peenk.

Yeah, I remember the fighter jet version of that card game. I used to be really good at it too!! Can still remember some of the planes - Lockheed Blackbird, Tomcat, Phantom....

ps: you need to google Top Trumps and you'll find the military jets info


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