Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What dreams may come

Sometimes the mind has strange things of telling what it wants. My mind sent me a Santa Claus list last night, through my dreams.

I dreamt I lived in a house, my bedroom had slidable doors, it had great big windows and I had pale yellow sheets on the bed. There was a clothes rack where I had hung out the laundry and when I picked up a pair of running shorts, the edges were all shredded. I had a pair of jeans as well and the cuffs were all shredded. In the kitchen, I tripped over a bag on the floor. It hurt my foot and it was cold. It turned out, I was defrosting steaks on the kitchen floor.

So, what does my mind desire?

It desires a big house with a beautifully bright and airy bedroom with wooden sliding doors. It desires cats that will shred my clothes to bits and while I cannot go running in shredded shorts, I think the jeans can be fashionably in. I also have a hankering for red meat.

But in reality, I can't afford the first, my husband is allergic to the second, but I think the third can be done. Steaks for dinner!

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