Thursday, May 25, 2006


So now I know how to get through movies- go in thinking it'll be absolutely crap and have no hope for it whatsoever.

That's how I survived X Men III yesterday. After an entire after at a seminar full of droning, I arrived at the cinema utterly convinced that I was in for an extended evening of cinematic torture. After all, the previous blockbusters that I had seen had all primed me in such a way. But I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't a brilliant, award winning, sweep you off your feet movie. It was an action flick and they took the word action seriously, with the numerous blowing up of things scenes choreographed for the greatest impact. Unlike Packrat, I had never read the comics so I had to constantly ask what was the deal with this guy? But all in all, very decent. Except for the fact that there were rows and rows of kids and families behind us who must have brought in their week's entire grocery shopping judging by the sound of the rustling plastic bags. There were also people that were chatting through out the entire movie. Hey, at least when I didn't know why Professor X was in a wheelchair, I whispered it into Packrat's ear.

So there's been partial redemption. I'm not totally convinced that our relationship is past its rockiest phase, but I think it's rounded the mountain. We're supposed to watch Over the Hedge next, but like I said before, it's a cartoon so it doesn't really count.

What did really inspire me yesterday was the idea of the Arts School in Singapore. I don't know if I'm totally keen about teaching, but there sure is quite a desire to actually be somehow involved in it. I think I melted into an envious puddle when the Principal spoke about having established ties with the VCA and the Royal Ballet School. Perhaps, that is my dream job, well, for now anyway. What I would give to be near dance, to be near ballet, to live it and breathe it. Just looking at the RBS website made me miss those painful, nail splitting pointe shoes. The mere discussion yesterday of dance and the oft taken for granted, seemingly natural positions and mannerisms sent me into a tizzy.

And now, reality sinks in while I struggle to grade more papers and shove aside all fantasies of tutus, carriage, pointe shoes and music that can be counted in 8s.

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