Monday, May 22, 2006

Keeping the Faith

Tym's blogged about it, the Council of Churches has spoken up against it, almost everyone's read it and we watched it. Today.

And I hated it. It was an absolute waste of two and a half hours of my life. Worse than Titanic in my opinion. And seriously, the Church really didn't have anything to worry about. They feared that people would start believing that Jesus was indeed human instead of divine and that Jesus actually started a family with Mary Magdalene. But really, the movie was created in such an unconvincing manner that only the daftest and most naive would believe it to be true. I know God intended for ALL to be saved, but if there are those so daft as to believe that load of crock, then they really should be smacked on the back of their heads. The character that damns the religion the most in the book is not the Mona Lisa or Mary Magdalene but Paul Bettany's very excellent and scary portrayal of the albino monk, who believes that by murdering, he is carrying out God's work.

That, in itself, is more damning than the conspiracy story in the plot. A monk, a man of God, who is so dogmatically obedient that he would do anything to be seen as a faithful servant and that includes killing mercilessly to protect his faith and beliefs. This rings some true tones for reality now.

Anyway, I didn't think much of the book, although I suspect it had a lot to do with reading it in the backseat while going round the Pacific NorthWest 2 years ago. And now, I don't think much of the movie.

The problem is, now I'm terribly disilluioned. So far, the last 3 summer blockbusters that I've watched have been awful. There was MI:3, an action packed movie that I fell asleep in. It wasn't impossible, it was just long. And it really felt like an extended episode of Alias where Tom Cruise was playing Jennifer Garner playing Sidney Bristow. Extremely painful to sit through.

After that, there was Poseidon, equally bad. Long. And on top of that, wet. Lots of water all round to make my toes curl up to try to avoid the rising water. Plus, once you've seen one huge ass ship sink, you've seen 'em all sink.

And then now, this. I had thought that Da Vinci Code would have been much better since there were some stellar actors in the line up. According to Packrat, who didn't read the book, it was a passable thriller with twists and turns. For me, it really was just blah.

All three, struck out. Far far out.

There's X III on Wednesday but I don't put much hope in that one being able to get on my good side. I didn't enjoy the first two and I'm unlikely to be enthralled by this one. There's Superman. Something I'll probably watch as part of my wifely duties. The only two movies that will probably appease me in my disillioned state would be Cars and Over the Hedge. But then again, they're only cartoons and I'll probably need something more substantial after that to munch on.

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The Devil Wears Prada! Meryl Streep you know...


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