Sunday, May 28, 2006

Crying bloody murder

The downside to upgrading in my neighbourhood is that we now have an open air amphitheatre about 500m from my block. It's used for many things. Kids displaced at the local Youth Park use it to hone their skateboarding skills- if I were an adolescent girl, I would so hang out there because of all the cute Caucasian or Eurasian kids that skateboard there.

It's also used to throw block parties or neighbourhood parties. The most recent one, a party to celebrate the electoral victory- which personally, I thought was a load of shameless, self-serving, patting yourself on the back crap. With the huge party came a huge banner that congratulated the GRC for having been returned to power in a large victory. Can anyone say W-A-L-K-O-V-E-R? When there's a walkover, there is no election and when there is no election, there is no victory. If p not q, If not q not s. Therefore, if p not s.

Tonight, it was an open air karaoke session and since sound travels upwards, I hear it, loud and clear on the tenth floor. At times, it sounded like bad wayang singing, other times it sounded like a dog being skinned and I was sure that for a while, there were native Americans doing the war cry in Chinese.

All not good for a head that's cotton wooly from the flu and they're too far for me to throw eggs at.

Times like that, I miss staying in a house.

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