Tuesday, June 06, 2006

30 Going on 13

Today was a surreal day. I felt like a teenager again.

It's not difficult to feel like that now because it's the school holidays, but where Olie and I hung out today, really dialled us back to the time where we were 14.

Because it was just the 2 of us and because we wanted to do something mindless, we decided to watch She's the Man- a teeny chick flick romance masquerading very lamely as a rehash of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. It was showing at Orchard Cineleisure and against my better judgement, we went to see it there. Now the problem with cineleisure is that it is not just a cineplex, it's a cineplex where all the kids hang out. All the stores are targeted at the kids, cutesy stores, totally pink stores, cheap bikini/clothes/shoe stores, sports stores, CD stores and a million fast food joints.

Being the school holidays, the cineplex was chock full with teenagers. We felt a little out of place because the mean age of the person there was probably half ours. To make matters worse, we had unknowingly or rather most unaware-ingly bought tickets to see a major teeny chick flick in the most teeny cineplex ever. The audience laughed at the most juvenile of stunts and antics in the movie. Admittedly, the movie was quite entertaining albeit formulaic and predictable. At the end of the movie, Olie turns to me with this look of sudden realisation and whispers very loudly to me; "I think we're the oldest in here and the only ones with genuine wedding bands!"

Looking around, I confirmed this. There were school uniforms all around us and squealing girls who were totally in love with the male lead. Yup. Surely, we were about the only two who were around when the Challenger exploded and Hotel New World collapsed.

To drive home the point further, Olie wanted to look for minou shoes which took us to yet another teeny shopping dimension- Far East Plaza, bursting with young 'uns because it was the school holidays and where else is there to hang out in Singapore? By the end of that, we were all teen-ed out.

And the funny thing is, when we were teens, we did the exact same thing during the vacation as we did today. We'd have junk food for lunch, go to the movies and watch something equally inane and go window shopping after that, buying silly things and commenting about people who were outrageously dressed.

Somethings don't change. Whether you're 13 or you're 30.

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1 thoughts...

At 11:10 am Blogger Olie said...

OMG! Minou has a website! OMG! I wanna get more shoes!!!


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