Sunday, June 11, 2006

TWW vs CinC

-----Totally unfair comparison ahead-----

There's a new US-president show on tv now- Commander in Chief. We totally loved the West Wing, and miss the writing and repartee dreadfully. So when we heard that there was another American White House/Oval Office/West wing drama, we thought Yay! Maybe it will fill that hollow in our lives.

So what is Commander in Chief about?
1. A female president who was Vice-President and was in the right place at the right time to become the first female president.
2. Political Intrigue- How everyone wants to be the kingmaker and when better to do so than the present? Donald Sutherland can really play evil.
3. The first family- A female president means a First Gentleman- that must totally mess up the acronyms - FLOTUS to FGOTUS? I can't pronounce it.
4. A hodge podge collection of staffers who seem overwhelmed by the enormity of their positions and play the part extremely well.
5. It has the feel of an afternoon tele-movie.

And what does The West Wing have?
1. A grand opening that never ceases to make the hair on my neck stand (in a good way).
2. A President with a commanding presence and a wry sense of humour with a penchant for useless history.
3. A group of staffers that have amazing repartee together, rapid fire dialogue and grand ideals for the world.
4. Plot lines that focus more on what is happening within the west wing- policy, issues, speeches, reelections.
5. The sense that just by watching it, you become a teensy weensy bit smarter.

My verdict: TWW, hands down, but CinC is watchable as long as you're not expecting TWW in any form. Good for days when you're stuck at home and have nothing but the remote in your hand.

Packrat's verdict: TWW, hands down. CinC sucks big time. He's not watching it again. Plus, he can't stand Geena Davis.

So, while I watch this, he will be watching, what he deems to be a far more superior tv series- Battlestar Gallectica.

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1 thoughts...

At 10:56 am Blogger cour marly said...

I only just started watching West Wing (er... I've been busy), and WOW. I'm totally in love.

And don't get too attached to CinC, because the second half tanks and the show wasn't renewed for next season. Not that I watched - I'm just sucker for tv news.


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