Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mother's Love

My mother's weird sense of humour has reared its head again. She just came back from a holiday and one thing good about that is she can always be relied upon to get some spiffy presents. The last time she went away, I got a Fossil watch and a 1.4kg bag of dried cranberries which I have just about finished.

This time, she decided that the holiday wasn't long enough to induce sufficient guilt that warranted a cool present. So she went for the funny.

When I was very very little, she took me to see Bambi. Apparently, I was about 3 or 4. When Bambi's mother got shot, I was so traumatised I bawled the entire cinema down and she had to drag me out of the cinema, apologising to all the annoyed patrons.

So since then, I have had an affinity for Bambi. Or rather, a soft spot, since he did lose his mother to some evil hunter. For the very same reason, I don't eat venison- it might have been Bambi's mother!

My mother regales my first cinematic experience to everyone she knows. Recently, I asked her about this Bambi pillowcase I had as a child and wondered if we could still get them from some neighbourhood bedlinen store. I had no idea she actually registered that she heard my question until she presented me with a plastic bag supposedly with my present from Perth.

Her gleeful expression while she waited for me to open the bag should have tipped me off.

This is what she got me.



Packrat and her were laughing so hard at the expression on my face, there were tears rolling down their eyes. Right.

I announced very loudly that I wasn't ever going to wear them because, supposing I wear them to bed and the house catches fire and firemen come in and resuce me and they drop me because they're laughing so hard at my Bambi underwear.

Or supposing I wear them out and get into an accident and they have to cut away my jeans and see the Bambi underwear underneath, then I will always be known as that Bambi girl.

N. O. No.

Wah lau!

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 21:39

3 thoughts...

3 thoughts...

At 11:43 am Blogger wahj said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry, but I burst out laughing as well reading this! They actually make these things for adults? = )

At 10:30 am Blogger spook said...

eh... quite sexy what...... *snigger*snigger*

At 2:30 pm Blogger The Oriental Express said...

Cute! What a great demonstration of mother's love, you lucky girl!!!!


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