Monday, June 19, 2006

How Singaporean!

We're staying in a serviced apartment near the city. It shall remain unnamed because I'm going to proceed to talk about how unfriendly and by extension how "un-Australian" they are.

On the little instruction sheet that was given to us upon check in, there was a list of rules we had to follow lest we face severe recrimination and penalty.

This is part of it.

1. Check out is at 10am. If you have not departed by 10.30am, you WILL be charged an additional night's stay.

2. Only ONE car park lot is allocated to each apartment. If you park in any of the lots without permit, your car will be clamped. To get it unclamped, you must call 9xxx xxxx and it will cost you $50 and labour costs. If you park in a yellow lot, your car will be clamped and then towed away and you will have to pay for the tow truck and the previously stated fees.

3.To keep accomodation rates fair, we request that the aprtment be left in a tidy state at the end of your stay. If the cleaning staff are required to remove rubbish, wash dishes or generally clean up your "mess", additional costs will be incurred.

4. For your peace of mind, we have access codes for you to enter the premises after office hours. Ensure that you have your keys on you and access codes always available. If you lose your keys, it will cost $20 to replace. Should you lock yourself out of the apratment outside normal reception hours, a $25 call out fee will be charged in addition.

5. After hours noise shall not be tolerated. Any disturbance reported will cause the occupants to receive a warning and a $75 fine as well as any reimbursement made to any units due to the noise complaints. A second complaint will cause an immediate eviction including all the above penalities.

So, all in all, the tone of this place is rather threatening and almost Singaporean in its oppresiveness. It is true what they say, that the address that should read here is "Singapore, Perth".

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 00:07

3 thoughts...

3 thoughts...

At 4:26 pm Blogger Tym said...

Maybe they had too many run-ins with inconsiderate and annoying tenants...

At 1:28 pm Blogger cour marly said...

How charming...

At 4:35 pm Blogger J. said...

are you staying in a serviced apartment or a dorm? because their rules (minus the parking one, because my dorm, erm, didn't have a parking lot) sound a lot of our college dorms...;)

hope you're having a good time --


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