Sunday, June 18, 2006

Enforced Rest

Okay, this is going to be fast because we're stealing wireless from some unknown poor sod who did not have the sense to secure his wirelss connection.

It's half eight in the evening and there really isn't much to do here since stores close at 5 and our serviced apartment comes equpped only with a video and there is no video store nearby that actually rents out videos rather than DVDs. So we're watching television, doing laundry and stealing wireless signals.

But Perth is nice. There's lots of water, lots of open fields and spaces to just sit and stare. It reminds me of this little poem I learnt as a child.

What is the life
So full of care,
That we have no time,
to stand and stare.

And stare we did and stare we have. Perhaps a lot of that had to do with the weather. When the sun's out and the grass is dry, it's quite wonderful to just lie back in the field and bake, store heat for after 5.30 pm when the sun's gone down and everything drops by about 5 degrees. Now, if it weren't so bright, it would be fun to just lie on the field and just read my book.

It's really been a very long time since I've let my mind really just rest in idling mode. Even our month long holiday to Melbourne and Sydney wasn't so restful. There was always something to do there. Cake in the middle of the night at the Casino, a movie at the 24 hour cineplex- there was always something to do. Here, everything shuts down. It sucks for the typical Singaporean tourist because there isn't very much shopping to do after and there isn't anything to do except go to the casino and gamble.

We haven't seen very many of them and it has led us to the conclusion that we must be doing all the right things. That's nice to know. Now, to fully live out the Aussie experience at this point in time, we're staying up to watch the Australia vs. Brazil match at midnight. The radio stations are all pushing for companies and businesses to declare a public holiday tomorrow if Australia wins.

Now, that's a good enough reason for Aussies to cheer the Socceroos on tonight. And in true Aussie fashion, the match should be watched in a pub with lots of beer and chanting "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Oy Oy!"

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