Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Airplane fashion

Holidays are meant for indulgence. Indulgence in every sense of the word. Shopping, Spa, manicures and pedicures, high teas, travelling and while waiting for some of the above to happen, one must have an equally indulgent ditzy book. No point doing all these sorts of things and reading serious stuff like Palestinian politics. So, there was Jemima J- my chicklit indulgence. Usually, I can't bear reading these books- The Devil wears Prada, Bergdorf Blondes, The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopoholic....

At the end of it, I couldn't believe the protagonist was dumb enough to do the things she did and the guy she ended up with really had nothing between his ears. But there was an interesting bit that appealed to the baby tai tai within me.

Tonight, we're off to Perth to do the necessary for our flight of fancy. So today's been dedicated to packing and running errands. Part of the packing entails trying to figure out what to wear on board the flight. Especially since it's a night flight and I will be sleepy and will want to sleep.

It is at this point that I'm reminded of the book.

" You can't wear that!" Geraldine lies back on my bed and flings her hands dramaticically over her eyes. "Jemima! for God's sake, haven't you heard of airplane chic?"

"Airplane what?" I'm being practical, I'm waiting in my tracksuit, a pair of comfrotable sneakers and a T shirt for my long-haul flight....

"Airplane chic," she repeats. "You know, the glamourous look that all the celebs and models employ when they fly anywhere..these clothes," she gestures to me, "are completely wrong for a flight." I shrug as she opens my suitcase and starts rifling around. "This," she mutters, pulling out a crisp white T-shirt. "this," she says, holding up a stretchy pair of black trousers and nodding approvingly. "And this," she says, digging out an oversized black sweater, "to loop casually over your shoulders".

She runs off to the car and is back holding a Louis Vuitton vanity case. "To look the part. Everyone carries a Louis Vuitton vanity case when they're travelling. And now, sunglasses. You don't actually need to wear them on the flight. Wear them at the airport and when you're not, wear themon top of your head." she says.

And that's it. I walk up to the Virgin check-in, a bottle of mineral water in hand, the Louis Vuitton vanity case in the other. I hand my economy ticket over the counter and someone, somewhere must be smiling upon me, or perhaps Geraldine's ploy is working, but what it is is, the check-in girl seems to think I might be a "made it" as well and she upgrades me to first class.

What a result!

So, the connundrum. Airplane chic to appease my inner baby tai tai with the hope and possibility of being upgraded or be in comfortable sleeping clothes and being all wrinkled and crumpled with the rest of the coach?

I'm still leaning toward the latter. Comfort still wins with me, plus I'm not going on vacation to an incredibly glam place, so no need for airplane chic. If I were my sister-in-law when she ran an international fashion magazine and flew to all the fashion shows, sometimes sitting beside people like Amber Valetta and Cindy Crawford, then I think airplane chic is a must, although I'll replace the LV bag with something else.

LV is very LC (low class =))

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