Saturday, July 01, 2006

Who wants some soap?

This is what happens when you're broke but want to buy something ditzy and flighty just for the heck of it.

Funky soap

The bottles are so cute. Problem is I don't really trust shower gel that costs $4.95. What if I get a severe case of rash from it?? So, I want to use the shower gel to refill our hand soap bottles that are also quite cute, but there're only two of us in the house and the hand soap goes very slowly. Then I can fill up the bottles with the real shower gel that I bathe with.

Yes, it sounds like a remarkably complicated plan to make me happy. But hey, when you have to wake at 5.50 every morning to shower, the smallest things make a difference.

So, anyone want some soap? I can give it to you in a zip lock bag or you can bring your own bottle over and I'll quite gamely pump it out of the bottle into yours. Going once? Going twice?...

Sold! To the insane lady in the corner!

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