Sunday, July 09, 2006


We saw this in Perth and decided that the Ipod was really cornering the personal entertainment world. Add to the list of things you can do with the Ipod. First, listen to music. Then, store photos and watch videos. Then you can run with your Ipod. Listen to it in the car. Stick it into a Groovy bag with built in speakers and always have surround sound. And now, taking pleasure to a whole new level, the iBuzz.


It's touted as the music-activated sex toy and it comes fully equipped with the essential paraphenalia to take music to an orgasmic level. According to Cosmopolitan Australia, the rabbit is the most highly rated one, especially since an entire episode of Sex and the City was dedicated to it and the joys it brought. But for the more groovy, Ipod generation crowd, who knows? This might be the next big thing that sends women into recluse.

Of course, now I'm going to be very suspicious everytime I see a woman on the bus or the train, who has her Ipod plugged in, an extremely wide smile and a somewhat glazed over look.

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