Friday, July 07, 2006

Behind the Door

I had to be at a primary school for a course. Having just downed a LARGE iced tea, the minute I got to the school, I needed to find a bathroom. KW of course was teasing me about how I would have to lower myself almost to the ground to the toilet because everything in primary schools were scaled to the size of the children.

I just sniggered because I just found an adult sized bathroom.

But when I shut the bathroom door, tagged onto the back of the door, where in airports they have safe sex and Imodium advertisements for you to read while you're on the can, was this.


Seriously? Can't the give the teacher a moment of peace and not bug her about the useless but copious amounts of redundant paperwork that she has to do, that no one told her was part of her job description when she signed on the dotted line?

Teachers are required to go on at least 100 hours of course a year. So for each course they sign up for, not only do they give up weekends, school vacation time and afternoons like a perfectly good Friday afternoon, they have to give up time to fill in the course evaluation form and a PPCR which stands for (pre-post course review, I think!) . And on top of that, they are haunted and stalked by it, giving them no reprieve, even in the bathroom.

And the insidious message at the bottom- Learning is a treasure that accompanies its owner everywhere he goes". Yup, even indeed it does, including to the bathroom.

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