Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jelly Belly

I have decided. I hate food. Well, I don't really hate food. I hate it when I can't get food. Yesterday, my lunch got buggered up. Today, I made it a point to check what I packed into my bag and even though lunch went smoothly, I got tripped up again. At dinner.

Now, let's dial it back 12 hours. Last night, while watching television, I turn to Packrat and tell him that I want ice-jelly. He says we can go get ice-jelly if ice jelly is what I want. But I decided, stepping out of the house, down ten flights of stairs, walk a 300m walkway, cross two roads, walk some more and then do the same thing to go home except this time, it's walk up the stairs...was far too long.

So today, we went over. No ten flighs of steps involved because I had just got back and had no desire to go up and down; just straight across to the food centre. Now, ice-jelly is dessert so we had to get past the formality of the main meal before considering what I had gone there for in the first place.

Now, there was just this one teeny winny problem. The store was not open! No ice jelly! Plus, I had to suffer through pathetic fish soup with like 5 pieces of fish in it. So, not only did I not get dessert, I didn't get a proper main either!

Days like that, it's easier to go to bed and then wake up to a brand new day with more opportunity to find the ice-jelly.

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1 thoughts...

1 thoughts...

At 5:06 pm Blogger Tym said...

I share your pain. Frustrated cravings like this have recently sent me hunting down char siew baos, curry puffs, muffins (not yet found), Ruffles potato chips and many other snacks!


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