Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sibling Rivalry

I am the youngest of 3 children. Because of that, everyone says I'm lucky because I'm spoilt rotten and all the attention has been showered on me. It is also supposed to mean that I'm self-centred and expect the entire world to revolve around me.

Those, are just the perks.

Coming as part of the territory is also the fact that no matter how qualified you are and how independent you are, your opinion hardly matters. I mean, after all, you're the baby in the family. How could you possibly have anything important to add? So half the time, you're shouting on top of your lungs, struggling to make yourself heard, only to realise that no one's really listening to you.

At the same time, being the youngest child means there has been a whole lot that's been achieved by the older lot. The better parents won't run a comparison and they'll let you do your own thing. But you try anyway, to be different. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. But whatever it is, you try to get them to notice. To notice that you're different from the rest, that you're your own person. But also that you need some sort of affirmation from them, that you're getting it right.

But so much of the time, none of this happens. The lucky ones are loved, but no matter how much you are loved, it doesn't really replace the fact that you'll always be a kid in their eyes and what you want doesn't really matter, because how could you know what's good for you, since you're merely a child? And when you clamour to be heard, it's not really because you have something to say, more that you just want to be heard for the sake of being heard. So yes, listen to appease the ego that needs listening but totally disregard the content and belittle the needs.

So, come to me again and tell me, how wonderful it is to be the youngest of all the siblings and I will show you how it is also the most raw of deals.

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1 thoughts...

At 8:10 pm Blogger threez said...

there there, hug hug. you know none of this is true. Beth is standing here and she can read "there there, hug hug, you know" and then it's "what are you writing mommy? can you read?"

David was the youngest of his brothers and he was very special. True his older brothers tipped his sheep over and never listened to him. But he made his mark didn't he? And we're still quoting his beautiful psalms today.

Go write a beautiful psalm. *kiss your forehead*


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