Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Alley Cat

We're just back from watching The Silence of the Kittens, an Ovidia Yu play for the Singapore Theatre Festival. We were reminded, more than once, that we were the audience to the first production of the first play of the first Singapore Theatre Festival. Yay us.

Anyway, it's a play about overprotecting and overdoing, all in the name of doing what's best for the people. And it's about cats. On the surface anyway.

It made me think about a lot of things. Some of the thoughts are still swimming around, being chewed on, cud like thoughts at this point. Some of them, the simpler ones are more well-formed.
The most straight forward one is how I miss having cats. There was a line in the play, not so much relevant to the main content of the play, but resounds very loudly to me because it's the middle of Term 3 and I would really like some time and space to just. breathe.

The line went something along the lines of "An ancient Chinese legend has it that cats once ruled the earth and they could speak. But they decided to let the humans do all the running around while they just laid about". And the cats that I always stop and marvel at are those who just lie around languidly, watching the world go by, or napping, all stretched out, without a care in the world and totally oblivious to what is going on around it. Someone once said that I'm an observer. Not in the sense that I'm visiting somewhere and sitting in somewhere to see how and what others do, but that in most situations, I just sit and watch and listen and process... of course, what they don't know is I'm processing precious blog fodder.

Anyway, there's a cat that lives in the walkway that I pass everyday to lunch and we admire it everyday for its ability to just be there, watching us scurry around while it decides where the next best place to take a nap is. And I always long to take a picture of it but I never have my phone with me.

However, I managed to take this, last weekend, at my parents'. I love how wide its mouth is, how relaxed it looks, with its eyes shut and its paws all tucked in, how in the next moment, it might just doze off and not care that there are people walking by because it was enough to just be.


Right beside it was this one.

Pretty Kitty

Wide awake but also equally likely to end up looking like her friend in the next instant.

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" Far in the stillness, a cat languishes loudly"