Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I need my Jimmy Choos

Since I've been pretty absent with the blogging, I've been thinking that my next blog post should be something with a more serious ring to it. Unfortunately, the ditzy posts are always the easiest ones to blog and even though this is ditzy by some people's standards, it's no laughing matter to me.

Last July, I did a stock take of all the shoes I own. It added up to about forty pairs. Add a couple more that I've bought since then like this one. The problem is that I have never used my shoes till then broke on me. It was always me, one day realising "what on earth possessed me to buy those shoes since they're uncomfortable/too high/too flat/painful/cannot go shopping/cannot go travelling..." and deciding that it was time to retire the shoe. But not in the recent months.

It all started with the sole of the heel coming off 2 months ago that seemed to have brought about this avalanche of shoes deciding to break on me at the most inopportune of times. That was very soon followed by a heel of a shoe that I had recently re-soled developing a fatal 2 inch fracture. There were also shoes that I thought were ready for a second stab at life newly returned from the cobbler's like this and another that I had painstakingly glued back together with shoe goo that gave out on me.

It's led me to the conclusion that I really need to throw out some of my shoes before they embarrass me in the middle of a lecture/an interview/walking down Orchard Road/going to the supermarket. I think it's my payback for using them till they had nothing left to give. After all, when one is a teacher, there is the constant walking to and from different classrooms, the climbing of many flights of stairs, the pacing up and down classrooms when one teaches/ invigilates exams/or is just plain bored, all of which are tough on shoes that were meant to look pretty and made only to do the occasional trudge from the car to the office/cinema/restaurant.

So, if I am able to complete the grading of my papers quick enough, I shall spend my September break trying to find some shoes to replace the ones that have been failing me. It's a tough world- the minute you stop being able to bring me from place to place, you are sent to shoe heaven.

But that's life, Bub. It's a shoe eat shoe world.

N.B. I realised when writing this blog that I really blog quite a bit about my shoes even though I like bags more than shoes. Heh.

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