Sunday, July 24, 2005

Where are my Jimmy Choos?

Since Tym tagged me with a shoe meme, I am now obligated to open the my shoe cupboard which is actually our bomb shelter/store room.

Total number of shoes I own:

40 pairs that can be broken down into 6 pairs of boots, 3 of which are winter knee high boots, 2 that I wear to school when I'm in pants and need something comfortable to clomp around in and 1 BCBG pair that I should throw out because they're stretchy pull up ones that haven't survived well in our hot, humid weather. There is also a pair of 4 inch Nine West shoes which I think I wore all of once and then decided the man that designed it must really hate women. The rest are an assortment of running shoes (2), work shoes (many), weekend slippers (4) and in between shoes (both weekend and weekday, also can wear type), bedroom slippers from the Ritz Carlton and Watsons' (3)

Bonus details

Number of empty shoe boxes you found while counting up the tally:3, strangely enough, all Nine West boxes.

Most expensive pair of shoes: S$370 pair of silver diamante shoes from Paradox- They're my wedding shoes.

Cheapest pair of shoes: Extremely comfortable slippers from Target .

Brands of shoes represented in your collection:
Local brands (Including cheap Malaysian brands) --- X:odus, Substance, URS, Charles and Keith, Everbest (!), Vincci, Nose, Marie Claire.

American/ European brands --- Salvatore Ferragamo (I inherited these), Nine West, Kenneth Cole (Once again, inherited), Nike, Timberland, Max and Co. Paradox and oh! Mango- how could I forget Mango!

Other brands --- Some water proof, totally snow proof Thinsulate boots I bought in Calgary the day before we headed out to Banff. Some shoe I bought from Far East with Tym on one of our shoe adventures.

Most uncomfortable shoes- These Substance shoes that look like they were made out of baskets. Pretty and flat but down right painful.

Students' favourite shoes- A toss up between the cat ones (see below) and these polka dotted ones that broke sometime back (note to self: Collect polka dotted ones from cobbler soon!)

Average height of heel on shoes: 3 inches. (Lisa Montgomery asked me how my foot was just now and I told him it was ok and I was in heels 2 days after I fell, primarily because I felt it quite unglam to wear slippers to work. He pointed out that there were many different types of shoes between slippers and my typical 3 inch heels. I gave him a blank look. After which, he just gave up and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like "women!" under his breath)

The last shoe you bought:

A pair of shoes from Substance that is bright purple and has cats on it. A different cat on each side. My kids have asked if they could name them.

How many shoes you have under your work desk:

A pair of Birkenstock type slippers that looked like a Gateway cow shed its coat for it. It's white with black spots. Very comfy and when I'm in my three quarter length denim skirt, I look like I could round me up some cattle.

5 people I'm passing this baton to:

- Threez-her shoe cupboard that is store room is larger than mine.
- Dan - because when I was looking in the shoe cupboard that is the storeroom, a lot of his shoes were crushing my very delicate ones
- Char- because I want to know what else 18 year olds wear apart from sneakers.
- Plentyfish-because fishermen wear shoes too
- Di Da- because it's been too long and it's time to get reacquainted so let's start with your shoes. :)

Ondine tossed this thought in at 21:02

4 thoughts...

4 thoughts...

At 10:03 am Blogger Barffie said...

Where do you get Nose shoes in JB? Went to KL and loved their shoes, but KL is like, 5 hours away!!! -_-

At 11:06 am Blogger Ondine said...

Sorry, I don't know where to get them in JB. Was in KL when I got them and yes, KL is 5 long painful hours away. :)I don't find them very comfortable though. They were just cheap.

At 4:46 pm Blogger Tym said...

3 of my 4 empty shoe boxes were X:odus!

And you have Ritz-Carlton bedroom slippers!!

At 6:57 pm Blogger threez said...

Eh harlow you blow my cover man. Today I just wet my new Tod's $2000 bag (which was given to me free, in case somebody out there wants to smack me for not donating the money to my own cause), so I am VERY upset and feeling like a right bimbo. Tomorrow must blow hair and dress properly go to the shop and ask them (more like beg and wail) to please send it back to Italy to fix.


Now you inspire me to do a Desperate Housefly on my shooooozzzzz. ..


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