Monday, August 21, 2006

Playing House

Even though I've lived away from home since I was twenty two, sometimes it's still strange. At that point, I knew I was a student and I knew I would go home to my parents' house when I graduated. And I did.

But then, I moved out again, for good. When I got married. And that was about 4 years ago.

Strange thing is I still feel, one day I'm moving home and what I'm doing now, living out is just a temporary thing. Even though I pay taxes, I have my own car and basically stock my own fridge, I think part of me still doesn't want to be grown up. And accepting that I am living out for good would mean admitting that.

I caught myself buying a blanket and looking at place mats a few days ago and I wondered, why was I more interested in the new Corelle design than the new line of Alannah Hill stuff 3 floors up? It was a sensation rather new to me and rather unwelcomed as well.

Yes, we all grow up, we all have flown the coop but it's hard not to look back at those days where these things didn't matter much. And when they did, it was to furnish the doll house or when we stole the pots from the kitchen to play Easy bake kitchen in the bedroom.

I think, also, the truth of the matter is that our parents think in the exact same way. My brother complains about how our mother treats him like he's 8 even though he's a distinguished judge. In the same grain, my parents-in-law get antsy just by the mere mention of their son moving to a different part of the island, much less a whole different country.

I'm not sure how long more this will go on for- where everyone thinks everyone else is playing house. But till then, I'm going to make my house pretty when specific credit card members get more rebate at Tangs later this week. :)

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