Friday, September 08, 2006

Let them eat cake!

It's the last day of our vacation. So instead of sitting around moping that the following weeks are going to be extremely shitty, we decided to see Plentyfish for lunch in Arab Street. I've been nursing a bad throat ever since I had a bite of a deep fried pork rib marinated with garlic and salt a few days ago. Unfortunately, Plentyfish doesn't really know how to eat healthy and Plentyfish's father had promised Packrat a lunch of snails. Yes, snails. Not escargot but snails. Apparently, it's an Indonesian delicacy and you can find it in Arab street. So our lunch was fried chicken of 3 varieties, fried fish of 2 kinds, some varieties of unidentifiable meat, a soy thing with beans to be representative of veg, cuttlefish in sambal and of course, the snails.

I know for a fact that my throat's up in arms with me. But the good thing about lunch was it put us in the vicinity for good cake. We chanced upon this little bakery/deli called the B Bakery that reminded us of the cafes we used to go to for brekkie in Melbourne.

The lemon meringue got a good deal of attention not only because it was yum but the meringue part made the entire cake look like Gandalph had sunken into the pool of hot lemon custard and all that was left was his hat.

lemon meringue again

See what I mean? But the meringue was light and fluffy and the lemon, tartish and zingy with a biscuity crust.

There was also the passionfruit cheesecake. The cherries were juicy and dipped in rum to give it a little bit of kick. It was delicately wrapped in thin chocolate and the cheesecake, airy but with the ability to melt in your mouth. Plus, it was very very pretty and was topped off with macaroons.

Passionfruit choc cheesecake again

I had the chocolate fudge cake that didn't look pretty enough to be photographed but was layers and layers of dark chocolate with a little bit of sponge cake in between. It was like eating a bar of melted dark chocolate. An immediate high that caused Packrat's eyes to glaze right over.

An entire litre of herbal tea hasn't soothed my throat. I think it's going to make me pay for both the lunch and the cake. But it really was well worth it. Next time, I go, I'll try the apple sage cake. Yum.

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1 thoughts...

At 10:36 pm Blogger ruz~* said...

The snails are probably choot-choots in spicy coconut gravy..lemak siput sedut ('snail suck')

that soy stuff with other stuff is sambal goreng :)

and happy belated teachers' day


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