Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ugly Duckling

Last weekend, we went to our church food and fun fair because my in laws had set up a stall. It's always fun to go, especially around closing time because everyone is trying to get rid of their wares for close to nothing. I totally profitted from the fish ball stall that started giving away their fish balls.

Anyway, walking around, it revealed something telling about the way men and women take in information and process it.

We saw this.

roast duck

My reaction: Extremely turned off. The poor duck looked like it was standing up when it got roasted, involuntarily. And they were expecting people to find it appealing enough to buy at fun fair prices?

His reaction: Duck. Mmmmm. Yum..... Count coupons, see if we have enough to buy one of them birds.

Apparently, to him, it's meat, it's cooked and it's crispy. Who cares how it's presented? Presentation Smazentaion! Same reason why Tym and I could go to places like Bunalan and I have to go to places like Brazil with him.

Well, I guess some would say, I have the best of both worlds. Others would say I have a seriously schizophrenic food personality.

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