Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Teacher's Teachers

There is something absolutely weird about waiting for my dinner date who is my European History professor from uni and bumping into my Economics lecturer for college who is coincidentally having dinner at the same hotel restaurant as I am. It makes me want to look over my shoulder and see if, trouping by would be my Literature teacher from Secondary School and my Chinese teacher from primary school.

What also struck me as strange and something I realised I wouldn't dared to do if I hadn't been overseas is to call these people who once taught me by their first names. In uni/college, there were always Professor/Mr so and so... It only became less formal in Melbourne and by the time I got back, I was decadent and brainwashed enough to brashly call my former teachers by their first names. People around me made "tsk-ing" noises but I didn't care.

I know of teachers who refuse to go back to their alma maters to teach because they fear a serious high weirdness factor associated with suddenly being colleagues to some of the teachers that used to make them quake in their boots. Not a very pretty picture.

But last night was good fun. It's always fun to realise that your teachers aren't just teachers and it's ok to be ditzy and sit and talk about nothing. At the same time, it's also ok to sit there and be totally nerdlike and talk about academia as if it was the only thing in the world that mattered. And to make it all the better, there was merlot, cheese (an extremely big block at that!) and good hazelnut crunch mousse.

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