Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Of Pigs and Puppies

Today, once again, I send off yet another batch of students. It's a yearly affair. We've spent the whole day out and I don't know about them but I sure as heck feel guilty for not having done a stitch of work the entire day. I'm finally home after having been out of the house for a good 16 hours and nothing would please me better than to climb into bed and pass right out. No strange dreams tonight, Mr Sandman, please?

Anyway, I was plenty tickled just as I was last year when it was revealed to me rather sheepishly that my students were aware of this blog. Like Packrat told his students, there is no such thing as anonymity online and I don't pretend that there is. What tickled me even more was the fact that these secret blog stalkers ( I call them stalkers because they haven't wanted to reveal themselves to me, yet check my blog everyday for updates) were extremely perplexed by me referring to them as silly puppies. They couldn't understand why I had likened them to puppies. Thing is, not much thought went into it and silly puppies just has such a nice ring to it.

As a parting gift, my bunch of silly puppies bought me a gift and made me a gift. It's been a day strangely tied to animals. The puppies bought me a stuffed pig. This one in particular.


According to some teachers, it was some pig that had appeared in a Korean drama. And as mentioned previously, I know NOTHING about Korean drama except it's very pretty and people cry a lot.

According to Packrat, it looks like Wilbur.

According to the Puppies, it shall be called Pig.

But since it now resides in my car, I have the power to name it and I shall christen it something poncy.


Now, that's Some Pig.

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1 thoughts...

At 8:58 am Blogger xdd_rulz said...

yoyoyo.blog stalker no.1 here.haha =P


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