Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fighting for a cause

I saw the ad on TV just now and then again and mb's site. In the light of all the bad publicity that charities have been getting, it's easy to say, we just don't care anymore. But when you see these things and realise, innocent children are suffering, it's a different matter.

In the opening of Philip Yancey's What so Amazing about Grace book, he recounts the tale of a prostitute and though I know it's something that happens in the world, the injustice, the cruelty and the outrage of it all hits me hard.

A prostitute came to me in wretched straits, homeless, sick, unable to buy food for her two-year-old daughter. Through sobs and tears, she told me she had been renting out her daughter to men interested in kinky sex. She made more renting out her daughter for an hour than she could earn on her own in a night. She had to do it, she said, to support her own drug habit...

What So Amazing About Grace (Philip Yancey)

It goes on. And it happens and there's very little we can do about it but we have got to try. So light a candle or buy a t-shirt. Don't just sit there and let it happen because then, we're as much to blame as those who go online and pay for these services or those who keep these services in demand.

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