Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rain rain, come again

Thank goodness for the rain. Packrat's become a regular haze barometer. The day before the haze gets bad, he starts sneezing. He thankfully did not prove to be all that accurate yesterday, because there was a big down pour that cleared the skies, the air and lowered the temperatures by a couple of degrees.

Thanks to the haze, I haven't run in a while. Because of that, I'm not taking part in the New Balance Triathlon like I did two years in a row, nor the Great Eastern Women's Run, all held this weekend. I could be all snotty about it and say I'm not running because I've run the Corporate one twice and I've run 2 10km ones as well so it's no longer a challenge. Well, separately they're not. But when both are on the same weekend, I pity my ankles, knees and hips and I don't want to put them through that, especially having not hit the running track for the last month. Running on the treadmill isn't the same. If any of the events were on the treadmill, it would throw all snottiness out the window since I can't run to save my life on the treadmill. Some would say it wouldn't need saving since you're just running on the spot and it'll be the same spot and there will be no life to save.

So, since it's rainy and I can't run anyway, I'm going to nap. I shall push all thoughts of work out of my head *guilty gulp* and savour the nice weather.

After all, these snails did, so I don't see why I should be deprived of it.


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