Friday, November 10, 2006

Bah humbug

Christmas has come early to our secular, consumerist, soulless state. The departmental stores have started playing Christmas music, there're giant Christmas trees in the middle of shopping malls, the city streets look like they have enough light to land planes- except that they'll get all tangled in the lights- and I know people who have started putting up their Christmas trees.

And I've become very grumpy. I used to like Christmas because that meant I got presents and got to go shopping and sang Christmas carols and ate a lot. We'd eat from Christmas all the way to New Year. But in the last couple of years, it would make me grumpy because it would remind me that the year's about to end and I hadn't gone on to do the things that I had planned to do. So, once the decorations came up this year, I started "Bah"-ing very loudly at them. Unfortunately, I married someone who lives for such holidays. He loves Christmas and he loves Chinese New Year even more and don't even get me started on CNY and the relatives and feeling homesick and unloved. So he chides me for being the regular Scrooge.

In an effort to prove him wrong, I've been thinking of how I want to redecorate my Christmas wreath. I did this two years ago and figured, I should do it different this year. So, I started looking up wreath designs and I swear, Martha Stewart does have the most ambitious ideas. There are candy wreaths, pistachio wreaths, wreaths made from paper, herb wreaths, big assed pine coned wreaths and my all time favourite because I imagine I'd try to eat them (but it didn't look that pretty, maybe she thought of it, in prison)- cranberry wreaths. Anyhow, it's done its job. I'm not going to be ambitious and attempt any of those, but I'm suitably inspired to do some Christmas related stuff now.

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