Saturday, December 04, 2004

Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath
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Last year, I decided that having a live Christmas tree was too much of a hassle. So, my mom and I went out and bought wreaths for everyone. I got one for myself too and it was pretty cool because it smelt really nice especially when you lit a candle- a good use for those Eternity candles you light at your wedding!

Anyway, it was such a waste to throw the wreath away so I carefully dried it and stored it.

Yesterday, without my mom this time, we repeated this new found ritual. We went out and bought wreaths for everyone and once again, I bought a wreath for myself. When I settled down to decorate it, I was reminded of the dried one in the cupboard, so I took it out and used what decoration I could find and made this! That meant, my live one for this year is barely decorated...

My mom would be so proud of me considering the fact that I resisted any lesson she tried to teach me on by artistic, stylistic or creative. I even remembered how she said that a Christmas wreathe hanging on a door should have its decoration more on the bottom and the decoration doesn't necessarily have to be symmetrical.

So, all the years of ignoring my mother have finally paid off.

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