Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The sadist that is me

Conversation I had with a colleague.

Me: I'm going to get my hair cut.
Colleague: Why?
Me: I dropped a lot of hair yesterday.
Colleague: So? You're going to cut it now cos some hair dropped? So drastic?
Me: Yup. Some hair drop. So as punishment, I'm cutting it all off.
Colleague: Isn't that just a little bit self-destructive?

Brutal was the other word to describe my hair cutting adventure. But it wasn't that much of an adventure- it was more reshaping and layering. According to my kids, I've had a Stepford wife and an Aeonflux haircut. My hairdresser squeals with glee everytime I tell him to cut my hair and goes slightly beserk. I think it's a throw back to all those times, when I was still dancing and needed the ballerina bun where I wouldn't let him do anything fun with it. Cutting then meant "trim off the split ends". Fullstop.

So, what I have is tame in comparison.

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