Friday, February 02, 2007

This little piggy went to ...

My brother sent me an email today. The subject of the email was "guess what I did today". Apparently, a wild boar was spotted where he worked and they had to capture it because it posed a danger to itself and the people around working. The problem is that the police they called in were quite half hearted in trying to capture it because well, a wild boar is still a pig and the police that showed up weren't going near the pig because it was against the religion.

Bro was there to make sure no one, including the boar, got hurt in the scuffle. But since it took a while for them to actually nab the wild boar, he decided to take some photos.

Wild Boar chillin'

I thought it looked kinda cute and that led me to wonder what happened to it after they caught it. My imagination ran wild and I had distraught images of them killing the boar. I sent Bro a rather accusing message about him being a killer of wild beast and he claimed that they did nothing but hand it over to the authorities. But when I was suitably appeased, he dropped the other shoe and added that they probably killed it which prompted a rather loud cyber screech from me.

My colleagues weren't much better when I complained to them about the apparent heartlessness in my brother. One commented that they should have killed it themselves and had them a wild boar barbeque. To eat meat of beast. Good....

Apparently appealing to the boar's cuteness doesn't really count for much so I give up and hope it got released into the zoo or something. At least I can hope.

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1 thoughts...

1 thoughts...

At 11:46 am Blogger Woof! said...

This was hilarious! I can see the "police - keep out" tape in the background even :D

Hope the boar got another chance at life... where was this anyways? some island?


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