Monday, February 20, 2006

Exercise Your Music Muscle

If you're really bored, try and figure how many music groups there are in the picture. There are 74.

music muscle

I'll load up the answers in a day or two. =)
Meanwhile, enjoy.

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 21:36

10 thoughts...

10 thoughts...

At 1:25 pm Blogger wahj said...

First glance only gives me these:

The Eagles
Led Zepppelin
Smashing Pumpkins
Alice in Chains
Matchbox 20
Guns and Roses
Red Hit Chili Peppers

At 3:00 pm Blogger tofu said...

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At 3:10 pm Blogger tofu said...

lol. i spot blur and rolling stones.. i dont see anything else not mentioned in the comment above..

At 9:08 am Blogger wahj said...

Oh yeah ... (re Blur and Rolling Stones ... and there I was thinking "Asteroids?")

Just realised that the Queen in the foreground is obviously holding a pair of Sex Pistols.

At 9:12 am Blogger wahj said...

Is that a pair of Eels in the middle?
And that thing in the front ... "Bush" (Aussie band)?

At 5:36 pm Blogger tofu said...

are those surfer dudes the beach boys?

At 6:50 pm Blogger Packrat said...

White zombie
50 Cent
Green Day
Cowboy Junkies
Crowded house

At 8:34 am Blogger spook said...

Blues Brothers

so useless.....

At 2:30 am Blogger Jenny said...

Think there are the Scissor Sisters too

At 6:34 pm Blogger tbh said...

The Cars
Sex Pistols (are those dildos?)
Guns & Roses
Beach Boys
Black Flag
The White Stripes (on the road, if that counts)
The Postal Service
Pink Floyd (the shady duo in front of the cars cf Wish You Were Here)


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