Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Non Day

We did so little today it felt like such a waste.

Our plan today.
1. Go to the Safe Deposit Box.
2. Return DVDs
3. Go to Mango (10% storewide)
4. Go to Borders
5. Get cake from Angie's Cakeshop (40% off cakes)
6. Go to school and pick up marking scheme for stack of marking sitting forlornly at home

What we ended up doing was getting stuff out of the Safe Box, returning the DVDs and getting the answer scheme from school. We went in search of cake but I had underestimated the Singaporean ability to line up from dawn for such offers. Needless to say, there was no cake left at 2 pm, the time we got to said cake shop.

So that was a mission in futility. We also did not manage to go to Borders and Mango because we were tired from driving half way round the island in search of cake and returning DVDs. By then, Dan had also claimed that he needed a nap to realign himself. What that actually means, I don't know. It conjures up images of a chiropractor contorting your body in strange ways till strange cracking sounds are heard. He assures me that was not what he had in mind.

We have a funeral to go to tonight. Personally, I don't know the person, but it is the mother of my parents-in-law's friends and when we got married, she actually gave us a gift. The least we could do is to pay our last respects I guess.

It really seems like the holidays have whizzed by without us doing anything useful. Looking forward to a more fruitful June break.

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