Thursday, April 08, 2004

10 Things I Hope to Achieve in 24 Hours

1. Recover from the blinding headache that's plagued me the entire day.
2. Comprehend my students' written work and give them a mark worthy of their effort. Right. Daniel is trying to introduce the concept of randomised marking.
3. Cut my toe nails
4. Paint my toe nails, for once. I'm tired of the dull greyish flesh that is my natural cuticle tone that my nails have grown accustomed to.
5. Attempt to see my family who live on the other side of the island.
6. Attempt to see my parents in law who live 5 minutes away but are on some floating fish farm in the sea (read: kelong) at this moment.
7. Try to reverse the effects of the 2 am sun bloc treatment on my face by giving it the rejuvenating experience of spa.
8. Go running and sign up for ballet classes. I dislike the reduction of muscle tone although I no longer think Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 was cool.
9. Find time to go shopping for aforementioned shoes at half off.
10. Rest.


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