Thursday, April 08, 2004

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

am not going to do any work this weekend. I've had enough of it. Two days running I stayed in school so late I got chased out by the school attendants so that they could lock up. 3 days in a row, I've had bread for lunch because I haven't had the time to go out for lunch, either because I have idiotic lunch time classes or because I've had so much work I couldn't leave the table. Right up till 3 pm today, my desk looked like it got hit by an avalanche because at the beginning of last term, I got this stupid idea in my head that creating a reading pack for term was a damn good idea.

So it was articles galore and at least 6 different books open at one time, not including the two phones, 1 lava lamp, 1 Palm charger, 1 laptop and a partridge in a pear tree that also share the limited space on my desk.

But anyway, it is all done. Well, almost all. I was going to put in some excerpts from the Lexus and the Olive Tree into the Reading Pack, but then I realised I had some absolute duds in my class who wouldn't understand it. So I need to adapt it and well I haven't, for all the above reasons. I shall do that on Monday.

Tonight, I shall go out for dinner. Last night, we went out for dinner too and we had some yummy Mexican at Cha Cha Cha. Almost 1 year we have been living at Holland and it is the first time we have ventured into any where else but the food court and some fast food joints in the area. Hmmm. Tonight, we're having steamboat. I just came back from the spa because I felt that I was badly in need of some pampering and my skin needed some saving.

I tend to dose off when I go to the spa and today was no different. Except, in the 15 minutes that I dosed off, I dreamt that I was in the lift with one of my colleagues and he was some event manager and he was organising a Michael Jackson concert. Before I could ask why, Michael Jackson walks into the lift and asks for directions to the ball room where he's supposed to be performing.

Far too bizarre. I think I need sleep.

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