Thursday, February 28, 2002

Bored now...

Huh, I just realised that I wrote at the same time last week as well. The only thing is that I'm actually still in school. I've had two meeting back to back and am totally exhausted. But I have tuition later. Tuition was supposed to be yesterday but believe it or not, I was even more tired yesterday and there was no conceivable way that I was going to sit for two hours correcting errors of past tense and present tense. Can't!

The O level results were out today. It's sort of the School Cert- Year 10 sort of exam, except that this is a Cambridge based exam. It was EXACTLY 10 years ago that I was in this position and I was basically scared out of my mind. I had terrible dreams. I dreamnt I got 69 points. I neither got 6 or 9 points so oh well. I also remember that I had loads of ice cream the night before as well, just to take my mind of it.

I really don't ever want to be in that position again. The O's and then the A levels, not so funny. Especially now when it's all harder and much more is expected out of you. I wonder what will happen when Bruce and Beth ( my nephew and neice) or even my own children go to school. It's just so harsh.

This week has been so bad. The tests have come in and I'm just swamped with marking and on top of that, I've had to set the re tests since 2/3s of the level flunked my history test. Bah. It wasn't even that hard. Some teacher and I were discussing today that what we remember from our school days is very different from what it is like in school here. We came from the supposed good schools and it is rather unfathomable that some of the kids here have no clue what past tense is. So, to me, I can't understand why the kids don't understand their history. I was dressed down for thinking that because "not everyone lives and breathe history". Well, that's true. I forget that there are people out there who have no idea what the west wing is and cannot understand how a girl can enjoy Tom Clancy novels. My only explanation is that I grew up with 2 brothers and I think until JC I knew more about cars and guns and tanks than I did about makeup and all those teeny bopper boyband like people.

I just found out last night that Daniel liked Rap. I had no idea that he even listened to the stuff. Shows how much you really know about a person and I lived with the guy for 2 years. Oh well. Anyway, in order to show that I DO take an interest in what he likes, I tried to name so Rap groups and I could only come up with Mr " M-C Can't touch this- hammer". I was duly enlightened that he was from the late 80's and early 90's. Well, excuse me for having better things to do. Hee. We have come to the conclusion that between Daniel and I, we will make a brilliant GP (General Paper - it's sort of current affairs-ish) teacher. I know that there was a House Committee for Un-American Activities in the US in the 50's and Daniel knows the television is the opium of the masses. Does anyone know who said that? We haven't been able to figure that one out.

I have got a new mobile phone cover. It's supposed Japanese anime character who is apparently very bizarre and deranged. Trust me to be able to pick them out. Anyway, when I message in the staff room, the whole staff room can hear the clickety-click of the rubber padded keys. That plus my powderpuff/powerpuff screensaver is my effort to just have a more flippant life outside school.

I have been desperately trying to get my classes to be more creative. That is such a chore. I have adopted this thing from F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Phoebe was angry at Ross and she couldn't remember why. So they invented this game where you are asked questions at a rapid fire rate and you answer the first thing that comes to mind. So I asked my classes questions like who was the character and what was it doing and wearing-that sort of thing. One class had hilarious answers like "dog dreaming of suicide cos the owner had dressed it in hello kitty pants" or " there was a clown who wanted to be an elephant and got too much water up his nose that it came out of his ears" Strange bizzare things like that which were funny and kept them interested. Unfortunately, most of them couldn't do that. I'll give it another shot tomorrow. They either give me boring conservative answers or gross immature answers that have to do with excrement, sexual orientation and underwear. I swear, these kids need to have more serious things on their mind. I guess that's why I never fit in in school.

Oh well, it's time to head off. I have loads of marking to do and there's this sense of quiet desperation creeping over me but I'm hoping to get through it by this weekend. Wish me luck. Can't week for the holidays. I more week to go!

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