Saturday, January 26, 2002

Weekend at Home

It seems like every time I have the time to sit down and write in here, it's a Saturday. Well, not really surprising seeing the any other day, I am flat out and just want to die from the strain of teaching.

As you can tell, it isn't going that well. Well, it's going as well as can be. I've been given three new classes of History to teach and it's just given me a full and complete load, as any other teacher (full-time, with benefits and all). History isn't that hard to teach, especially since it's SIngapore history and I'd learnt the stuff since I was 10. I have been told that my history lessons are far more interesting than those by the teacher before me. He's was quite a character. I had to look him up ( we sit in different staff rooms) and he had just finished eating. But I realised, when I was speaking to him, that he still had food swirling around his mouth and it reminded me of a movie I'd seen, where the guy had worms in his mouth and they were crawling around. Yup. It was the grossest thing I'd seen since changing my nephew's diaper for the very first time. This was much worse.

Anyway, he didn't rank very high up in my book especially how during the school fire drill (where all the classes had to evacuate), he remarked that everything was "so confusion". Even the kids in my worst classes know better than to say that. Actually, come to think of it, they would just say, " teacher, so blur" , which is almost as bad, but not so blatantly and glaringly wrong. Speaking of kids-speak, I have banned my classes from calling me "teacher". My teachers did it to me and I thought it was a pretty good idea. I mean, the kids are old enough to remember our names and to address us correctly. We have to learn all 40 of their names (that's one class, I have 5!!!) so I don't see why they can't do that, plus it's just basic courtesy, I feel.

I feel also that they get away with a lot more than we got away with. I remember it was woe to the student who dared question the judgement or decision of the teacher. Not anymore. I couldn't set work without being asked why they had to do it. I have resorted to the lame reason of " BECAUSE.". The kids doth protest too much.

This weekend, we were supposed to go and take a look at apartments, not that we could afford to buy them yet, but because we like looking at other furnished apartments and also we like to cook up grand stories to convince the estate agents that we are serious buyers. It's worked due to the culmination of Dan's accented English and my ability to act snobby. So, to date, I think there's a condominuim establishment in an area somewhat like Brighton as well as a huge housing development in an area akin to Toorak waiting for us to come back with our parents and their cheque books. I think these estate agents just WANT to believe that such a young couple could afford a 3 million dollar house. Some can, but they are in the minority and much hated as they're the upstarts with Daddy's credit card. :) Yes, the resentment is beginning to surface.

So, we were supposed to do that this weekend, but I'm thinking it's not going to happen because the weather's iffy and I have a ton of marking to get through. It takes forever to get through it because the kids speak so badly and that equates into them writing badly and it just takes this side of forever for me to re-write their essays. Also, I'm sleepy.

I have been plagued by bizzare dreams. My subsconscience is having a field day at my expense. So, I'm in need of some good sleep soon. I also need to get back into dancing. It's sucky here where everyone is tiny and small and wear XS. The days of being able to squeeze into an XS is long gone.

Okay, the computer is acting up again so I'm uploading this before it gets a chance to do me in, so till next saturday...


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