Sunday, December 09, 2001

Meet The Parents

Today is about the longest day I've had in a long time. I was up at the crack of dawn to clean the house ( my mom was flying in from Sydney today) and there sure was alot of cleaning to do. By student standards, our house is really clean, but by my mother's standard, well... any sort of dirt would be unacceptable. So I cleaned, mopped and dusted, while Daniel vacuumed, cleared and talked to his best friend, Jon, over ICQ all at the same time.

After that, we had my lab's barbie to go to, it was at Leannda's house and the centre of attraction was her blue-tongued lizard named Yassar, named after Arafat. I didn't dare go near it. I'm scared of ANYTHING scaly, plus it was losing its skin, so no thank you.

Anyway, as usual, the barbie had too much food and we ended up giving a whole lot of it to Sharon and I suspect we're going to have sausages for breakfast tomorrow. Something like that.

My mom, her friend and our family friend, Aunty Kwee Neo are all here. The house is filled with middle aged women who insist on doing their laundry in the utility sink and hanging them all over the house. I'm not too amused but I've been told that I should just indulge in it as I'm going to be like that one day. Could I be culled, if I ever became like that? I saw this magnet in some store in Queensland that said " Mirror mirror on the wall, oh no, I've turned into my mother" Doesn't rhyme, but makes sense.. everyone's greatest fear. To turn into their mothers.

The influx of parents haven't stopped though. Tomorrow, Daniel's lot come in and there are 6 of them. God help us. The end of the year, especially if there is graduation is the time that is most stressful for students here. All the parents are here and expected to reclaim their dictatorship of you. It's hard when you've been your own keeper for the last year.

My brother says I've had it good, since I haven't been home to have parental nonsense rained down on me, but I'm quite sure, I'm getting my fair share as well. Oh well. Better my mom than my Dad here anyway. All Dad would want to do is watch B grade Chuck Norris films and eat vietnamese noodles.

Tomorrow we're off for another long drive, to the Dandenongs to pick cherries and eat scones. My mantra for this week is imposed by my brother for the sake of my sanity "water off a duck's back". Daniel will keep me in check and I'll try to remember to be firm and not be pushed around and be angry at myself for being so lame after that.

I need pearl tea. Oh, I've discovered that plain jasmine green tea with pearls is heaven so I think that's my new opium. Till then, I'll just breathe into my paper bag.

Later now...

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