Saturday, November 24, 2001

Saturday Morning

It's Saturday morning, and we've had a late start, seeing that it's almost lunch-time. Well, that's what bumming time is about anyway. Wake up late because, there's nothing seriously important to do, and it's a great feeling. I know all you those out there that are working will probably stick your tongue out at me. But hey, I get to join the horrid working world, it'll be a luxury never to be had again. So I'm enjoying every moment of it now.

It will be a strange time when I have to resettle back in Singapore. For too long, everytime I go back to Singapore, I know it's for just abit (even if it's for the 3 month long summer holidays). This time, I know it's a one way ticket back and in some ways, it's scary. There are going to be so many changes. For one, I'm no longer a student. I'm a grown-up with responsibilities and by the end of next year, I'm going to have to pay taxes. I always say, the minute you start paying taxes, you're a grown up. And I've managed to hold it off this long and my parents think my entry into the working world is long overdue. So I guess I better start getting used to the idea. Another thing I'm going to have to get used to is that I have to live in a tiny apartment with my parents about 3 ft away. It's hard to sleep in (here I go again about the sleeping in thing) when my dad is slightly hearing impaired and speaks at a volume that HE can hear. So it gets slightly noisy in the mornings. My friend who's been here 4 years has just packed up his 92 kgs-accumulated over 4 years-nonsense and has headed home. He doesn't seem to happy. Sounds like he's misplaced and unsure of what he's supposed to do with his life. And this is a person who spent 4 years here yearning to go home to his family.

The good thing is I get to hang out with my autistic cat, Misha. She's a sweet cat, but I think she got abused as a kitten cos when I found her she had a broken leg. Anyway, she runs away from anyone who comes at her too agressively, but she responds to me when I call for her. She had a brother, Chandler, but he ran away when I came here to study. I still miss him. He was everything Misha wasn't. Animated, affectionate and he'd talk to you, plus my Dad liked him. Misha, not so much.

So, those are the things I go back to in a month. It makes me nervous thinking about it. Everything's different, even the weather. Even Daniel's different in Singapore. He's grouchy in Singapore as he get's all sweaty and there's no way to stay cool. In the words of Buffy, we just have to deal.

Well, nothing much on for today. I've got to go for ballet class in abit. I'm supposed to be doing a ballet performance in 3 weeks time, but this time, I'm not so keen. It's not just because my partner's got to lift me like a sack of potatoes around (that bruises my ribs), but also because I hate the 3pm Saturday rehersal times.It's in the middle of Saturday afternoon and my lazing around time. Okay, I admit, that sounds abit self-absorbed, but I have a reason. So, hear me out before you judge me.

This whole year has been a huge committment to one thing or another. I've had to put my heart and soul into my thesis year. Although I must admit, what I've reaped from that was beyond expectation. Anyway, that's taken alot out of me and so are the years to come. What with getting a job next year and embarking on a Phd at the same time. I guess I just want this time in between to be as flighty and as carefree as possible because of what is to come. See it, if you will as a time for recharging. And the ballet thing just doesn't fit into those plans. I love ballet, don't get me wrong. For the last few years, my life has been ballet and uni (sometimes more ballet than uni much to the consternation of everyone else). And I'll still try to keep it in next year, but I want it to be something that I do for enjoyment, and not be obliged to do it. Like this performance.

Well, I should get the day started. Plus I'm hungry again. I am ALWAYS hungry and when my jeans get tight, I get upset. Oh! One good thing about going home, the heat and the humidity causes one to be less hungry, therefore eat less, therefore not complain too much about tight jeans. Plus, it's too hot to wear jeans. That's another good thing. :) Warped logic. Hee.


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