Friday, November 23, 2001

The Virgin Post

Well, this is my first entry and let me just say, it's more tedious than it looks. Hats off to those people who are dedicated to their homepages. It looks like really hard work. Anyway, I think these additional pages availabe for homepages were created for kids. Beneath this, I have the option of making a smiley face that reflects my mood today. How do you reflect "fidgety and impatient at slow connection" on a smiley's face? You tell me. And beneath that, is a cartoony thing about what today's weather is like. I don't think any of the icons do any justice to the weather right now. Muggy, with a hint of rain in the afternoon and absoultely dreary with no sun. Now, how do you put that into a cartoony icon?

As you can see, I have no patience for these inane things. Maybe I need lunch. I've been hungry since yesterday, despite the desperate attempts of Dan to keep me full. I had toast and a bowl of fruit for breakfast after pilates ( I'll talk about that some other time), I had lunch at 11 am (some 2 hours after breakfast), which was a bowl of noodles. An hour later, I had instant cup-a-rice (which is not very tasty and very un-oriental, despite what the packaging said). I took a nap to stop wanting to eat and woke up to the tremendous need to eat somemore. So it was a huge wok of fried rice between the two of us (note:don't put too much garlic in fried rice) for dinner and it's the next morning and I'm still hungry. Argh... My life revolves around food.

Ok, there's much more to say, but I'm going to save it and upload this to see if I can actually get this doing. Complex issues about the brain I seem to understand. Building web pages, on the other hand, seems beyond me.

Wish me luck!

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