Saturday, November 24, 2001

Grown Up Matters

I've just realised, after reading my last entry that my grammar isn't perfect and neither are my typing skills. So, please excuse me for that. I've never been a careful person. My math as a child was atrocious because I couldn't be bothered to recheck my calculations. Same here, I have no patience to re-read what I've written, well, oftem till it's too late.

Anyway, ballet went fine today. It turns out that I didn't have to grouch about doing the performance. My partner's thrown his back out (NOT BECAUSE OF ME!! :) ), plus there are not enough people to do it. So instead of having rehearsals, we had a good class and I used my pointe shoes for the first time in a long time. Pointe shoes are God's punishment for I don't know what, but they are some sort of punishment. They are hard, unforgiving and rip into your feet and toes like shards of glass. But the end product is you look like you're floating on your tippie toes and everything looks beautiful, light, easy and long. Now, SNAP out of it! It's all an illusion. Anyway, I did some pointe in class today and my feet looked like they got smashed by a hammer. Well, a little bit anyway. There were some red bits and some not very red bits. But, the truth of it is that I actually enjoy doing pointe.

I am not a masochist, though. It's sore and sometimes your toe-nails turn black and fall off, but the feeling it gives you, the illusion of height and strength is quite wonderful. And contrary to popular mythology, ballet does not make you chunky. Especially not pointe work. It's stretches your muscles out, in the right directions and I like the feeling in my tummy. It's a good workout. Just don't go wearing open-toed shoes after that.

I've had to deal with some grown-up issues in the last hour. I don't like them much. The apartment we are living in now, is to be sold (sob, sob). Anyway, our flatmate has requested that we sell her some of the furniture. So, I tell her, she can take whatever she wants and her $600 bond would cover it. She chose to take quite abit of things, heater and well, all the essentials. And I think, ok, it's all settled right? But no, she comes out and tells us that her Dad thinks all the things don't add up to that much (in actual fact, they do but oh well). So I'm left to take $200 off all the stuff she wants and be nice to her about it. I can't help but feel slightly on the losing end here. We rented the room to her at a song, fully furnished (she did not have to buy anything at all). Technically, we were supposed to charge her for the rental of the furniture but I thought that was too harsh. And now this, oh well. Money matters suck. Everyone wants a bargain and at the same time make something out of it.

I don't think she would have got away with so much if my brother was still the landlord. My brother, who lived here for the last 7 years, left me in charge at the beginning of this year, much to my helpless dismay. Anyway, he's an almost 6 ft tall, ex rugby player who looks like he could grind you into dust with his thumb, so anyone with half a brain would know not to mess with him. He is no doormat. In fact, neither is my other brother. What he doesn't have in height (as compared to Mark), he makes up for with sharp words and a look that would shut the most annoying person up. I apparently, possess the same ability to silence with a look. Unfortunately, I haven't learnt to use it that well yet. My brother has 9 years ahead of me on that one.

Well, Daniel says at least we're getting something out of the furniture. The hock shop (i.e. pawn shop, but I don't like saying it since it's homophonic partner is not something that should be uttered from a girl's mouth :), I'm being coy here..:) ) outside, would not buy it off us for very much so it's a lose-lose situation. Just a matter of how much I lose.

I'm glad I'm not going to be in the retail business. I'm not good at these selling things. Buying things, ah!... that's another matter. I'm pretty good at that. Some say too good, but I've mellowed, learnt the meaning of austerity ( I think that's the right word, I'm not sure that's the right spelling) and that saving is an essential part of life.

One day, I'll explain to you how I plan to live on $4.96 per week. I'll also explain how I got to that figure. I could buy a cup of Pearl Tea with that, although I hear that pearl tea in Singapore is not as yummy anymore. Someone once suggested I start my own chain and call it the Princess Cup. Daniel vetoed it as he said the name was just too " cheena pong piang" in Sharon's words.

I shall now go watch Saturday Night Live with Daniel. Sometimes it funny, most times I fall asleep. I'm good at that, falling asleep in front of the T.V. I think I get that from both my parents. Oh well..

Later now.

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