Thursday, December 06, 2001

Potter-ing About

It's official. The weather is seriously wonky. It's supposed to be summer, but today, it's wet, rainy and below 10 degrees. How bizarre. Very different from Queensland which was hot and humid like Singapore. Yeah, Daniel got cranky because he was sweeating too much. It beats me how he ever got through NS in his long-fours.

Anyway, it's been a day to laze and not do much. The day started at 11 in the morning, after some strange dreams about driving a golf buggy off a cliff and being put in a giant meat grinder by a drug dealer, which turned out to be Dan. He is often amused at the strange-ness of my subconscience. I get very funny dreams.

We went to Box Hill for lunch. it's a suburb that has good asian food and some Japanese anime stores that Dan likes. It's the only place in Melbourne that has got passable fishballs, by my standards. Oh, speaking of fishballs, I have to apologise for a remark made. I said at Dan's birthday steamboat thing that fishballs are made of plaster of paris, that's why they're bouncy. That scared off my friend, Brian, from eating them. Apparently not. I asked my mom, So fishballs are safe eating. :) Yeah, so I had fishball noodles for lunch and we found a Lucky Cup opened in Box Hill. Lucky Cup is part of the Happy Cup Pearl Tea franchise from Singapore. It made my day when the first Lucky Cup opened in Melbourne because in the 10 days I was back in SIngapore this last winter, I got hooked on it. Unfortunately, the Lucky Cup people here were snooty, rude and ought to have their licenses revoked. I would have boycotted their shop totally had I not been such a slave to the drink. Anyhows, there is another one now open in Box Hill and let me just say, the people are nicer and the store is roomier. So I'm happy now. I can have my Pearl Tea without being at the mercy of those snoots in the city.

I think that people in suburb stores are much nicer than those in the city. They're more polite, they chat with you more and basically, you feel like you get your money's worth with them. So I shall be more than happy to drive slightly further to Box Hill to have nice chinese food and a Pearl Tea for dessert. Plus Daniel gets all his anime tapes from there.

I don't get the whole anime thing. Japanese animation, where girls have big eyes that have stars drawn into them. Show me a girl who has stars in her eyes. Or just show me a girl that has such big eyes and such a high pitched voice. But I think it's just me, lots of my friends like it and so does my 14 year old cousin who's ICQ nickname reflects her latest fav anime character, or so it seems.

We went to see Harry Potter last night. It was alright. The effects were very good, the characters were cast very well. I love Emma Watson, the girl who plays Hermione (pronouced Her-my-nee, according to the movie). But somehow, it wasn't enough. It didn't seem as epic as it was made out to be. The kids over-acted a bit, there were too many running themes, which made it slightly jarring. They should have stuck to just some themes and played up those parts of the book, instead you could actually pin point in the film where one chapter in the book ended and the next began. I know lots of people liked it because of that, because it stuck so closely to the book that it almost seemed you didn't need a scriptwriter for the movie as the lines came straight out of there. But I think, there should have been slightly more license to play around with the scenes from the book. It would have made for better watching. Well, it's not going to stop me from anticipating the next movie as I am the next book. I just hope Joanne Rowling doesn't drop the ball, or make the characters too transparent and one dimensional which I think, she is in the danger of doing. You want to believe that there is some bad in everyone good and that deep down, perhaps, even the most evil person has a conscience. Well... maybe not Voldermort (the evil villain in HP) but maybe some of the others.

Oh yes, along with the Harry Potter movie came the trailer for Star Wars, Episode 2. The trailer looked pretty good, especially the scenes with fighting and I thought it looked cool and woth watching till the last bit where it was splashed across the screen, Stars Wars Episode Two: The Attack of the Clones. It just sounded too much like a B grade horror flick, like the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Not cool.

Ok, I'm off to make some cookies now. Now and then I get into the mood of wanting to make choc-chip cookies. I don't eat them much because they're fatty, but I like eating them and giving them away. So I shall do that, plus I need to finish my Tom Clancy book. I need to return it to the library tomorrow.

So... later now...

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