Monday, November 26, 2001

Birthday Surprise

We had a pre-birthday dinner for Daniel today. It was a surprise thingy and for once it was quite a surprise. Well, for Daniel anyway. First, we had to figure out how to get him out of the house. So Kevin decided to take him to the longest movie ever, the new version of Apolcalypse Now. It was 3 hours 22 minutes to be exact and that plus the drive to the theatre and back allowed us ample time to prepare the food for the steamboat dinner we were having.

Daniel didn't suspect a thing although he figured something was up since Sharon and I had been corresponding so much all of a sudden and also that I was so eager for him to spend 5 hours (give or take) with Kevin. Especailly when he was so sleepy and was ready to sleep the whole afternoon and have croissants and yoghurt for dinner. Hmm... Instead, we had steamboat and cookies and cream ice cream cake. I think it was much better the the former dinner plans. :)

Anyway, I've had an exhausting day. This morning, we sold the car. It fetched less than expected but the weather was cold and yucky (windy and rainy) and I was ready to just go Bah! at the salesman for telling me that my car wasn't worth the steel it was built on. I don't like Used Car Salesman. They have this bullying quality about them. Well, anyway it's all over and done with and the cheque is sitting in my account slowly clearing.

After all that was the preparation for the party. I have just realised that I have a set of lungs that could run cross country, race the 400m, dance exhausting ballet solos and take 2 1/2 hour ballet exams, but cannot blow balloons to save my life. I tried to help Sharon, and my balloon was really tiny and my ears hurt after that. So I gave up and stuck to the food preparation which I knew I could do well. (It's quite hard to screw up slicing fish cake)

Post party was lots of clean up, and trying to use the dishwasher that we haven't touched since my parents were here last year. It took Daniel, Brian and I to figure out how to work the darn thing. Why can't these things be idiot proof?

I'm guessing this entry is very disjointed. It's 1.33 am now and I have to be up at 4.45 to catch the first Virgin Blue flight to Brisbane. I'm looking forward to that because I hear the stewardesses have cool uniforms, are pretty interesting to talk to and the seats are apparently made of plush leather. I like these things. Comfy and stuff. My dream is to one day be able to fly Air Force One because I hear it's much like the QE2 but you can run a world war from there. Plus, the stewards prepare your meals on board. I also heard that John Travolta flies round the world in an old Qantas and has got a jacuzzi and the works. He was apparently nice enough to let the groundstaff go take a look and Sharon's workmate's boyfriend went up to take a look. Yup.

I'm not quite seeing straight now. I should go. Anyway, wish me a nice holiday and that those dastardly rashes I got from taking antibiotics will clear up before I hit the beach. Well, I'll see you in about 10 days and I'll tell you about the beach, the farm and whether I got to finally learn how to ride as well as the girl on the farm who was apparently named after me (They are friends of my mom's).

See you then...

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