Sunday, November 25, 2001

The Proverbial "They"

A strange thing happened in church today. It was announced that the Pastor wasn't coming back next year. In other words, he got fired. Until today, I did not know that pastors could be fired. Apparently, it was a decision by the church "elders". Who are the elders, no one knows. It's sort of like that proverbial "they". "they said it.. according to them" But no one knows who "they" are. Anyway, it came as a shock as this guy was a genuinely nice guy and a good pastor plus I liked the fact that he was very affectionate toward his children and he talked about them sometimes in his sermon (in good ways). The congregation looked slightly mutinous after the announcement and the pastor himself looked stunned, as if he had just been told as well.My friend had no idea why it was such a big deal as she thought that pastors had day jobs. Until I explained that they didn't. It was a sombering morning (I'm not sure there's such a word as sombering, but well, I'm allowed to make up words, I'm a psycholinguist in making. :) )

Yeah, I know there are no jobs out there that advertise "Psycholinguist wanted". But it's what I did my honours year in, not by choice though. It was between psychology of language and memory in chickens. No contest. Really. But it's an interesting field. I've picked up so many tips on how to teach children how to read, and that if you taught them a second language from young, they learn how to read quicker. That sort of thing. But I think I would be the only pyscholinguist around (if I ever became one) that didn't know the difference between an adverb and an adjective. Well, I do now, but there are certain parts of speech that I don't know what they are called. My brother would attribute it to my government school education. Just because they went to mission schools and I didn't. Anyway, the mission school my mom wanted to put me in was St Margaret's and as a six year old, I had enough presence of mind and fashion sense to veto that on the basis that the uniform really really sucked. Name me a person who looks good in green polka dots. Daniel concurs as he thinks even Cindy Crawford wouldn't look good in it. And to him, if Cindy Crawford doesn't look good in it, no one will. He lurves Cindy Crawford. I think he's slightly jealous of the fact that my almost three year old nephew,Bruce, was actually carried by Cindy Crawford and has photos to prove it. Well, I think Bruce's father is jealous too.

Anyway, I have to go out now and buy a present for my supervisor. The poor man worked his ass off to help us get the grades we wanted. Apparently, his daugher told him on that final weekend before we submitted that she needed proof that she wasn't part of a single parent family-she hadn't seen him the whole weekend or something like that. So yeah, a nice present.

Later now.

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